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Norfolk gets boost from NCAA tournament
Norfolk gets boost from NCAA tournament

NORFOLK, Va., (WAVY) - The City of Norfolk is looking at another economic boost from yet another basketball tournament.

First it was the men's Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference basketball tournament at Scope, now the women's  NCAA region semifinals are at the Ted Constant Center this week. 

The tournament is attracting fans from all over the country, and they are spending big bucks at restaurants, bars, and nearby businesses. This tournament is also is giving the City of Norfolk a chance to shine.

Some people came to the NCAA tournament to spend a little family time. 

"I just like to watch my daughter watching people play basketball especially women," basketball fan Richard Love said.

Others came to the tournament to see the big schools duke it out on the court.

"Being that we don't have a professional team this is excellent to have a big event like this come to the Hampton Roads area," basketball fan Barry Drakeford said.

All of the fans say seeing NCAA action in Hampton Roads is a win for the city of Norfolk. Nearby businesses are cashing in on March Madness as well.

"It will be empty for a little while then all of a sudden we'll have 20 people here," Amy Weaver of Borjo Coffeehouse said. "We are kind of riding this roller coast so to speak."

Weaver and her staff have stepped up their game for the influx of basketball fans in town.

"I came to work prepared the last two days to be on point or be on extra point with all the customers coming in at one time," Weaver said.

It seems even the residents know there is more at stake than just who is going to win the NCAA tournament. This is the city's chance to sell itself to tourists, and hopefully attract other big events to come to the  area.

"It's bringing a new light into the Hampton Roads area that will allow other cities to see hey we're a city to contend with," basketball fan Macy Price said. "We can host these types of events, there is plenty of  parking, there is tons of hospitality. It's great."

The NCAA women's tournament action resumes at the Ted Constant Center on Tuesday.

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