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How Va. Beach's Gabby Douglas took world by storm
How Va. Beach's Gabby Douglas took world by storm

By Mark Emmert, Des Moines Register

© August 16, 2012

Editor's note: Mark Emmert has spent the past few months covering gymnast Gabby Douglas' journey to Olympic gold for the Des Moines Register. 

I was afraid when I wrote it that it was hyperbole, but it may have ended up being an understatement.

It was nearly three months ago that I told Register readers we could be embarking on “The Summer of Gabby.”

This was before the U.S. Classic in Chicago, the national championships in St. Louis, the Olympic Trials in San Jose or the Games of London, where Gabby Douglas — the smiling little gymnast who trains in Iowa — became a household name.

If proof were needed, it arrived this week, when she pulled off the rare Jay Leno/David Letterman two-step.

Who could argue now that she wasn’t the smash hit of the summer?

I got the assignment in April: Follow the fortunes of coach Liang Chow and a pair of elite athletes from his West Des Moines gym all the way to London.

Well, who would turn that down? I love the Olympics, and covering a second Games in a city I’d never visited was a dream.

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