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Does Va. Beach want NBA team
Does Va. Beach want NBA team

A group of investors is going to make its pitch to the Virginia Beach City Council today (3 p.m., you can watch it live at about the possibility of moving the Sacramento Kings.

But would Virginia Beach really want an NBA team? Especially this one?

It's not like the new city always gets a franchise in super shape; otherwise, why would it relocate? Here's a small indication all isn't right with this organization. Unlike the other 29 teams in the NBA, the Kings haven't had a working website where fans can buy team merchandise since June 15, reports CBS Sacramento.

The team told the TV station that the company helping with the site went out of business and "it takes about four months to build a website from scratch." It promises to have one up and running in two weeks, however.

So for now, fans have to buy their gear in person at the arena or over the phone. Considering how things are going, we doubt there's much interest, anyway.

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