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Runners get colorful in Virginia Beach
Runners get colorful in Virginia Beach

By L. Todd Spencer
Selene D. Guerrero
The Virginian-Pilot
© May 7, 2012

A crowd showed up to run the Color Me Rad 5K on Sunday, May 6, 2012, at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. More than 5,500 runners had registered for the event.

Runners started in clean white shirts, and at different stages of the run they were doused with water-soluble, nontoxic colored corn starch.

Each color station was to be lined with Astroturf to allow for an easier cleanup of the course.

The event benefited the YMCA of South Hampton Roads.

Color Me Rad is a Utah-based business, putting on more than 20 similar events across the country this year.

The event's rainbow twist stems from the Indian Holi Festival of Colors, a spring celebration where dyed corn starch is thrown in the air, according to Matt Ward, marketing manager for Color Me Rad.

Virginia Beach was selected based on the abundance of fun local races such as the Wicked 10K, Virginia Is For Lovers and the Shamrock series, Ward said.

The event isn't timed - the organizers claim they don't even own a watch, easing any anxiety that first-time racers may have.

"The race is all in fun," Ward said. "We want it to be the gateway drug to running."


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