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El Paso to CtoUSA Tournament
El Paso to CtoUSA Tournament

The news out of the Conference USA meetings this week had me humming a Marty Robbins tune  and checking air fares.

We knew the 2014 C-USA tourney would be held in El Paso. The question was whether ODU would be there. With the decision to include all 16 teams, rather than the previously-planned 12, the Monarchs will.

This is good news for a program that wasn't eligible for the CAA tournament last year, and faced a possiblity of sitting out its first in C-USA.

For fans? Well, it's a tad longer drive than Richmond, by about 1,900 miles. Might the tournament come closer to home one day?

ODU AD Wood Selig is looking into it. He told colleague Harry Minium that he's exploring the possibility of bidding for the 2015 tournament. The women's tournament is held simultaneously.

"I want to take a look at it.," Selig said. "With the Ted and Scope, or perhaps the Hampton Coliseum, and the great hotel situation that we enjoy, I think we could be an ideal tournament site.

"You can’t operate a 28-team tournament in one building. You have to have flexibility of two different venues. We have the hotels and airport. We have the infrastructure in place to run this event. Our staff is very familiar with running NCAA quality events. We would work very well .

"We’d probably need some help from the visitors & convention bureau, from the Hampton Roads Sports Commission and perhaps from some of our corporate friends,. But I’m confident people in Hampton Roads would come out to support that kind of basketball tournament."

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