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Locals eye spot on Team USA
Locals eye spot on Team USA
Three from Hampton Roads try to make an impression

Norfolk, VA (WAVY) -  Only 24 players will dawn the red, white and blue, and play for Team USA. USA's Head Coach Craig Parnham has the not-so-easy job of selecting the roster, and three players from Hampton Roads hope catch his eye. 
Casey DiNardo, an alumna of Cox High School in Virginia Beach, just wrapped up her freshman year at the University of North Carolina.

Her one-time teammate, Stephanie Fee also from Cox, just graduate from Duke University. She was a member of Team USA last year, she knows despite her history with team USA, nothing is guaranteed.

At 28 years of age, Caroline Nichols from Virginia Beach has more experience than most on this field. A member of Team USA since 2007, Nichols' last competition was with the national team at the London Olympic games. She's coming back from shoulder surgery with set goals in mind.

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